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and even Perm, this city, whose name comes from finno-ugric etymology and refers to the Vepsian language "Perämaa", what means "Far away Land", yes this lost city that stretches out for 70 kilometers along the banks of Kama River, one of the deepest rivers - you couldn't see the ground, bending over you only saw yourself in the dark water - which connects Ural Mountains with the Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Sea of Azov, Baltic Sea and White Sea, yes this city Perm where the employee in the museum whispers that one of the Romanovs, Grand Duke Michael to be precise, has been murdered on the 12 of June in 1918 by Bolsheviks, nobody knows the spot and some says he escaped but who knows the truth after all this time, yes this city Пермь , closed city in Soviet times and vital center of artillery productions in the Great Patriotic War, this almost forgotten one million city Perm has since 2009 a Museum for Contemporary Art called PERMM located in a three store building on the top of city's hill. And you can find there a damned good exhibition today and nice employees who take care of the visitors explaining them what this contemporary art is about. And if a you get around in the hilly city you discover more abstract art created by unknown workers in the time when Fluxus arrived in Europe.